Engineering Solutions

Eco-Jet is a contractor for Engineering & Maintenance Services. We stand behind our belief in offering leadership, innovation and superior customer service. Eco-Jet routinely promotes continuous process improvement to provide customers with solutions that deliver measurable value at the lowest possible cost. In this rapidly-changing landscape, Eco-Jet will continue to expand our capabilities and services to meet any future challenges that may emerge.

Sculpting The Future

Project Management

Helps you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution.

Meeting your goals and sustaining them - efficiently, cost-effectively and often ahead of schedule

Civil, Electrical & Mechanical

We offer advanced expertise with industry-leading software, expansive knowledge of industry codes and extensive experience in technology implementation.

We have developed a reputation for consistently delivering effective results to our clients

Product & Manpower Services

Trusted manpower supplier for oil&gas related projects due to near perfect project management skills. Our manpower capabilities are from executive levels to skilled and manual labors.

Extensive team for product sourcing has enabled us to source even the most impossible product or equipment depending on their validity.

Engineering Design & Consultation

We serve as an invaluable resource for complex projects that require design experience and expertise in both large and small equipment and components.

We seek to satisfy customer needs by providing cost effective creative design solutions

Work In Progress

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Our Values & Commitment

We are one cohesive team, committed to our customer and our Eco-Jet Family.

Honesty & Integrity
We operate ethically without question, treat each other with respect and dignity, and do the right thing always.

Responsibility & Accountability
We are accountable for our actions to the customer, our investors and each other. We are trusted to deliver.

We communicate openly and honestly with transparency at all levels.

Technical Excellence
We exceed customer expectations and deliver quality support and products through our talented professionals.

We at Eco-Jet are committed to continuous improvement and compliance with our Quality Management System. Our goal is to provide the finest quality services to our customers and to do this more efficiently and economically than our competitors. By satisfying our customers’ needs, they will continue to do business with us, and will recommend us to others.